How to Care for Your Idle Electrified Vehicle

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With many people staying at home at the moment, there are quite a few cars parked in the garages, driveways, and streets of Toronto. If your EV, hybrid, or plug-in vehicle is one of those that is sitting idle, then you need to know how to take care of it while it remains unused. Here are some tips from Downtown Ford to care for your electrified Ford vehicle and help it run like new once you start driving more frequently.


Keep your battery charged. The most important thing you can do is make sure your 12-volt battery stays charged – or your car might not start. In addition to this, your high-voltage battery should have at least a 10 percent charge to prevent it from draining. If you have driven or plugged in your vehicle for at least eight hours in the past month, you should be okay.


Disconnect your 12-volt battery if you don’t plan on driving. If you won’t be using your electrified vehicle for at least 30 days, then disconnect the negative terminal of your 12-volt battery. You can also leave your plug-in hybrid on plug if you’re not comfortable doing that, or connect your 12-volt battery to a standard 12-volt battery charger.


Park in the shade. While we don’t typically experience extreme heat in Toronto, you should still take the necessary precautions to try and park your electrified car in the shade or a garage. This will help preserve battery capacity.


If you need any additional help caring for your vehicle during these uncertain times, give our service department a call here at Downtown Ford.

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