Hidden Gems You’ll Love in Downtown Toronto

Hidden Gems You’ll Love in Downtown Toronto | Toronto, Ontario

When you’re making your way to see us at Downtown Ford, you’ll have plenty of things and places to keep you occupied while your vehicle is being worked on. Downtown Toronto is home to many hidden gems that you’ll want to check out.

The tchotchke house, 37 Bertmount

After the death of her husband, homeowner Shirley Sumaisar began showcasing a collection of dolls and stuffed animals in front of her house on Bertmount Ave. — just 1.7 km from our dealership. The entire area in front of the home is filled with vintage toys and collectibles, and you’re sure to have a good time looking at all kinds of entertaining tchotchkes.

Vog Vault at Fluevog Shoes, 686 Queen West

In the other direction, in the Queen West shopping district, is Fluevog Shoes. While a shoe store may not seem like a hidden gem, it’s what’s inside that makes this place unique. The building in which the shop is located contains an old vault that designers turned into a gravity room, where you can take photos that look like you’re floating upside down or on the side of a wall.

Otto’s Berlin Döner bathrooms, 256 Augusta

What’s so great about a bathroom at a restaurant? Well, inside each of the two single-person restrooms is a large unmarked red button on the wall. When pressed, the bathroom turns into a nightclub, complete with flashing lights and blaring music. The spot was recently popular on TikTok, with many viewers wondering where they could go to have a spontaneous dance break.

Have you been to any of these Toronto hidden gems? Let us know the next time you visit us at Downtown Ford!

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