Celebrate the Cold with Toronto’s Best Outdoor Winter Activities

Toronto’s best outdoor winter activities - Toronto, ON

It’s winter in Toronto, but that doesn’t mean you have to hole up in your house all season. There are plenty of fun outdoor activities to enjoy, even in the cold weather. If you’re looking for some adventure, consider some of Toronto’s best outdoor winter activities.

Strap on your skates. There’s nothing better than getting your skates out and heading out on the ice. Throughout Toronto, you’ll find plenty of spots where you can enjoy the winter weather while skating, including Harbourfront.

Hop aboard a sled. You’re sure to feel young at heart again when you take a thrilling sled or toboggan ride down one of the Toronto area’s top hills. For starters, check out the snowy slopes at Riverdale Park, Trinity Bellwoods Park, High Park, or Christie Pits.

Shop at a farmer’s market. Farmer’s markets are usually synonymous with warmer weather, but in Toronto, you can shop all year round. That’s because Evergreen Brick Works puts on a Saturday market, no matter the season. Enjoy seasonable produce, local delights, and an abundance of outdoor fireplaces for a low-key day outdoors.

Here at Downtown Ford, we love our city — even when it’s covered in snow. We encourage you to head out this weekend and experience Toronto’s most enjoyable winter pastimes.

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