Over-the-Air Updates Keep Ford Infotainment Fresh

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If you’ve ever missed out on technology that came out right after you bought a new vehicle, or if you’ve longed for an infotainment system that remains up to date for more of your vehicle’s lifetime, you’ll appreciate Ford’s latest move. The automaker recently announced its goal to equip most redesigned vehicles in Canada and the United States with advanced over-the-air update capabilities.


Over-the-air (OTA) updates will allow Ford to make easy wireless improvements to your vehicle’s infotainment system, providing upgrades in quality, capability, and convenience. Over-the-air tech even has the ability to add new features to your vehicle.


“Nobody wants to feel like they’re missing out on great features right after spending their hard-earned money on a new vehicle — that’s where our over-the-air updates can help,” said Don Butler, executive director Connected Vehicle Services, Ford Motor Company. “We can now help improve your vehicle’s capability, quality, and overall driving experience while you’re sleeping.”


These updates will be mostly installed in the background, which means it won’t hinder your ability to use your vehicle’s technologies. You can even choose when the updates will occur, allowing you to pick times when you don’t typically use your vehicle, like the middle of the night.


The first OTA updates are expected to arrive about six months after Ford launches its 2020 models that are equipped with this capability. Visit us here at Downtown Ford to learn more about this exciting new program.